Psalm 23 Sermon Series

Psalm 23 Sermon Series



“Psalm 23”

10 am Worship Service


When you read the title of this series, immediately you may have thought ……”The Lord is my shepherd…!” You are correct!  I wonder though?  How often do we read or quote this short, six-verse Psalm and miss many of the details that David is trying to portray, or even yet, take for granted some of the obvious encouragements that is giving to us.

Each Sunday we will be dive into a new portion of the 23rd Psalm.  Through this Psalm, we are praying that God will give all of us a fresh revelation from His Word, as well as, a fresh application on how to put His Word into practice.

We will see you at 9:00 am for pre-service prayer and 10:00 am for worship.

See you then!

Pastors Ted and Tracie Kiger