The New Testament Challenge

The New Testament Challenge



“The New Testament Challenge”

10 am Worship Service

What do you think of when you hear the word “challenge;” a game of checkers, a game of corn hole, or a hot dog eating contest (lol)?  A challenge is a call to take part in any contest or competition.   Now that you have this understanding, let me ask you another question.

Have you actually ever read the entire New Testament?  Most people haven’t.  Starting September 17th, 2017, Trinity will corporately start the “New Testament Challenge.”  What is that you may ask?  For the next 63 days we are challenging you to commit to read the entire New Testament!  That should be an easy task; only 4 chapters a day.

Along with this, we are also challenging you to join a Connection Group.  In a connection group, we will be having discussions from Pastors sermon and from the text that we read that week.  This is an awesome way to grow deeper in your faith and to “challenge” you in your witness as you exercise practical evangelism by inviting your peers to join you in a connection group.  There is still time to sign up at the Connection Desk in the foyer.

There is only one question that remains.  Will you accept the challenge?



See you at 9:00 am for Pre-service prayer and 10:00 am for worship.

See you then!

Pastors Ted and Tracie Kiger