The Star: A Journey to Christmas

The Star: A Journey to Christmas



10 am Worship Service

Welcome to December! These are exciting days as we begin the Advent season of Christmas.  Sunday, December 3rd,  we will begin a journey that will explore the gifts of Christmas delivered by and through Christ; the gifts of hope, love, joy and peace.  We all need hope in the storms of life and love that never gives up.  We need fresh joy on our journey and peace no matter what we are facing or dealing with.

Our journey and our sermon series will center on the STAR as our guiding light.  The Star of Bethlehem has taken a central place in the Christmas story, yet its mention in the Bible is really very brief.  So, get ready to experience the journey as we follow the STAR during this Christmas Season.


See you at 9:00 am for Pre-service prayer and 10:00 am for worship.

See you then!

Pastors Ted and Tracie Kiger