About Us

Trinity Assembly of God Worship Center exists to be a place where people can come to worship, learn about God and His Word, and to become a part of a community of believers where through loving, healthy relationships, people walk out their faith.

Our members represent all walks of life, all backgrounds, all socioeconomic groups, with a sprinkling of several different ethnic groups that give us a special “flavor”!

We all have one thing in common, though, and that is to make Jesus’ Name famous in Mount Vernon and in the surrounding area.

We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is meant to be a living, growing organism, not a manmade institution, and its ministries must be constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of its people and those around the Church who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their Savior. Therefore, our ministries are in a constant state of evaluation and evolution as our people discover their spiritual gifts and learn to use them.

If you come to Trinity Assembly, you will find that we are not afraid of new faces and new ideas. And if you decide that this fellowship is where God has placed you, then we will work with you to become rooted (committed) and growing in your individual gifts.