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Starting point - October 30- 12:00 pm

If you have recently started attending Trinity Worship Center,  this 60-90 minute session is a basic introduction to our church family.  You will get an opportunity to spend time with our Pastor,  his wife, and some other leaders.  Since most visitors come from different  church backgrounds, or not, this session is intended to introduce you to "who we are" as well as, for us to get to know you "as you are."  


GROWTH TRACK - November 13, 20, 27

Over the course of three  back-to-back sessions,  Growth Track will help you get connected with other people and discover where you could really excel in serving at Trinity Worship Center.  We use these sessions  to dive deeper into what was discussed at FIRST STEP  while sharing about what Trinity is all about.  We will  introduce you to our mission, vision, beliefs, core values and prepare you for your NEXT STEP in participating in  serving opportunities.  Between FIRST STEP and GROWTH TRACK we believe you will have a greater understanding of our church and who you are in Christ, So at the completion of Growth Track we invite you to “officially” join our family by committing to church membership.


Water Baptism - TBA

A signficant step in any believers commitment to Christ is water baptism.  Water baptism is simply an outward statement to your friends and family of an inward transformation and your commitment to Christ.  The Bible says anyone who has received Christ is a brand new person, the old way of life is gone, the new life is here - 2 Corinthians 5:17.  Water baptism is a way of celebrating that new life in Christ.  If you are ready to "Down with the old, up with the new" just click the DUNK ME NOW  button below.  



The Christian journey was not designed for "Sole Survivors" yet for us to walk in community and fellowship with others.  Faith is too hard to attempt on your own. That's why Sunday's shouldn’t be the only time you gather with other Christ followers.  Connection Groups provide for that community and that additional "touch" that we all need to Connect with other people.  

Hit the button below for more info on our Connection Groups and to sign up as well.



When you choose to make Trinity Worship Center your home, you become family.  Every family member is encouraged to serve in some capacity at the church.  When we serve, we become more like Jesus, knowing that His heart was one of serving; Mark 10:45.  There are many opportunities for you to get involved; greeting, teaching, praying, worship, safety, media, and the list goes on!  From weekly, monthly, event based, where you serve is up to you, but remember "all of us together can do more than one or none of us alone!"  You can find the entire list of places to serve by clicking the button below.